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"An important component of EU strategy is equal opportunities for men and women. The public is not regularly informed in all Member States about the importance of gender equality. The planned partnership created as part of the EQUAL programme has taken the initiative concerning the Gender Equality Day, which is already celebrated in some Member States on 19 July. The aim is to establish respect for gender equality, to portray a positive image of the partnership between women and men and to raise awareness among the public of the importance of the issue. Gender Equality Day is aimed at men too, because men can also suffer discrimination and be undermined. This international day is a mark of appreciation for the long term efforts of women’s rights activists, and strengthens women’s political, economic and social standing. It also promotes equal opportunities for both sexes. 19 July is close to Fathers’ day in the calendar, providing an opportunity to emphasise our common interest regarding the role of fathers in looking after children and the family. I therefore feel that this year of Equal Opportunities for All is a most opportune moment for establishing Gender Equality Day in the EU."@en1

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