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"Madam President, it is difficult to count on one hand the number of times the European Parliament, other Community institutions or the Council of Europe have called upon Belarus to refrain from practices that violate the fundamental rights of citizens. The fact that the Lukashenko regime reacts to all appeals from Europe was evident last Sunday, when a day to celebrate freedom served as an occasion to remind Belarusians that they are in bondage. Tear gas, police batons and water cannons are the response of tyrants to the people’s desire for bread and freedom. We cannot allow one man to mock the whole of Europe and to run his authoritarian regime right under our very noses with impunity. As representatives of a united Europe, we must continue to take action on behalf of a free Belarus. We should also ask ourselves whether the means we have used so far are sufficient, whether we should not be more robust in following up our demands to the country’s authorities, and whether we should not provide more effective and open support for the democratic opposition of the country."@en1

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