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"Madam President, yesterday was the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery. This brutal practice was related to the worldwide colonisation carried out mainly by European countries and, although slavery was terminated, colonisation persists. Two EU Member States, Britain and France, still have colonies today. Britain has 14 colonies and France many more. Britain’s colonies, excluding British Antarctica, total 50 000 km2 and are inhabited by 250 000 people. The French colonies total 123 000 km2 and are inhabited by 2.5 million people. While the political and human rights of the citizens of these colonies are being profoundly violated, the EU institutions are turning a blind eye. The European Parliament is no exception. In none of the annual human rights reports adopted by Parliament over the years is there the slightest mention of colonisation, and any attempts to introduce the subject by individual MEPs are met with complete refusal. How strange, or should I say, how hypocritical. We condemn human rights violations by every country in the world, except when it concerns our own Member States. Is this what the EU is about? Shame!"@en1

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