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"In accepting the Ahtisaari report on the creation of an 'independent' protectorate of Kosovo under Euro-NATO occupation, the European Union and the European Parliament are creating a clear state of secession in the eyes of the world and a new state. This undermines and violates all the agreements and principles created by the United Nations and international law since the Second World War. The report voted for by the Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats) and European Democrats, the liberals and the social democrats promotes the redrawing of the borders in the Balkans, perpetuates the presence of the Euro-NATO military occupation forces and blatantly blackmails Serbia, while at the same time incriminating and condemning the Serbian community in Kosovo and Serbia itself with insulting impudence. It opens a Pandora's Box of escalating nationalistic opposition and clashes throughout the Balkans, the incitement of secessionist movements and the imposition and legalisation of the presence of Euro-NATO occupying forces in the area. Now we see the real objectives of the criminal war by ΝΑΤΟ against Yugoslavia, participated in by the EU and the governments of its Member States, both centre left and centre right, including the PASOK government in power in Greece at the time, a policy continued today with the same consistency by the New Democracy government, confirming the adherence of both parties in the two-party state to participation in and support for the criminal imperialist plans of the EU and ΝΑΤΟ and the USA in the area and in the world as a whole."@en1

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