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"( ) Like my colleagues, I, too, would like to praise the work done by the rapporteur and the efforts of our shadow rapporteur, Mr Tabajdi. I believe that we have dealt at length with this topic in the Committee on Foreign Affairs and have met the representatives of both Priština and Belgrade. The UN Security Council is now set to rule on the status and especially the future of the people now living in Kosovo. This ruling will impact Serbians and Kosovo’s Albanians equally. It will also impact Christians and Muslims equally. It will affect developments in the quality of life. As a Member of the European Parliament, I very much regret that we have driven Serbia into a situation where it has to rely on Russia and is looking to play Russia as an ace in defending Serbia’s interests in the UN Security Council. I must say that I do not believe that tomorrow, if asked to vote on the report, the Members would support amendments that dramatically erode the legitimacy of either party. I believe that this honourable House would only back proposals that treat the two parties concerned in an equal and just manner."@en1

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