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"Madam President, Commissioner, honourable Members, despite my belief that not all stones were left unturned in our joint efforts to bring the Serbian side to support the final deal, I welcome the Lagendijk report because it emphasises the need to obtain the consent of both parties involved. I know that the people of Kosovo cannot live in limbo for much longer. They pay a very heavy price each day that negotiations are prolonged. However, we need to keep in mind the lessons of history: what happens when third parties decide the final outcome of a conflict between two countries without the clear consent of the primary parties involved. This is exactly the direction of Mr Ahtisaari’s report, from which Serbian support is sorely missing. At present, it seems that all decisions have been made and that Kosovo will soon have its own status. But if we truly desire lasting peace and prosperity in the Western Balkans, we need to continue to encourage Belgrade to sign on the dotted line. We have the EU resources and the global institutions to achieve such a goal. I continue to hope for the best and in doing so I will vote for the Lagendijk report, while acknowledging the fact that when the final status of Kosovo is announced, the work of all interested parties must not end. The sooner we bring Serbia to accept the deal, the better it will be for the Balkans and for the whole of Europe."@en1

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