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"Madam President, the debate on Kosovo has raised an issue which is of the utmost importance in terms of international relations. For the first time in many years the international community is breaching the territorial sovereignty of a European country. While it is true that there are no proposals to grant independence to this new political entity, this new quasi-state is supposed to have its own national anthem, flag and mini army. It will also remain subject to international control for an undefined period of time. This novel approach to international intervention in the internal affairs of a sovereign state will set a precedent which may, in the future, lead to attempts by the international community to manipulate the internal affairs of other countries experiencing far more minor problems. The only sensible solution is to formally leave Kosovo within the Republic of Serbia, and to grant it a greater degree of autonomy, while also taking fast-track measures to incorporate the region into the European Union. For an independent Kosovo will still have a significant Serbian minority which will destabilise the country."@en1

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