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"Madam President, Kosovo was the divisive element in former Yugoslavia. Even before Slovenia and Croatia gained independence, the residents of Kosovo had mentally detached themselves from Serbia. Even then, they set up their own administration and education and boycotted all state institutions. They demanded international recognition of their independence, but had to settle for war and renewed occupation instead. Since 1999, the Serbian military and officials have been replaced by other colonialists. The residents of Kosovo only want one thing: self-determination – Vetevendosje – as is evident from the graffiti on every wall. Prolonging the present twilight situation will promote stagnation and crime. The forced return to Serbia will inevitably culminate in either a civil war or two million refugees. This prospect is worse than another violation of international law which, without agreement, does not sanction separation. For Serbia’s future too, it would be better if it were finally unshackled from the nationalistic battle of prestige for Kosovo. Everyone knows that there is no ultimate solution other than an independent Kosovo, but nobody dares to be the first to take responsibility for this. Unfortunately, this will seriously delay the implementation of Ahtisaari’s weakened proposal."@en1

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