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". Madam President, Mr Lagendijk has produced an even-handed report on the complex situation in Kosovo, and one essential aspect he has touched on is citizenship on the basis of Kosovo’s multi-lingual and multi-ethnic character. Strikingly, the present report does not breathe a word about Kosovo’s explicit status, although Amendment 13, which we will be backing, does. Neither, in fact, has the UN mediator Mr Ahtisaari, who, the day before yesterday, passed his final report on to the Security Council with a plain recommendation: independence under international supervision for Kosovo. Prime Minister Kostunica, however, reported last week that independence for Kosovo will never be an option for Serbia. He even hopes for a Russian veto in the Security Council. This wish is diametrically opposed to the Albanian movement’s demand for self-determination. Their leader, Kurti, will not settle for anything but unconditional independence. Whatever happens, the risk of ethnic disintegration and regional instability is real. The big challenge for the international community is therefore obvious: how to combine regional stability with a multi-ethnic citizenship in a sovereign Kosovo. Last week, Commissioner Rehn spoke of this as being an important litmus test for the EU. I would, in this respect, wish the Commission and Council much wisdom, support and every success."@en1

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