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"Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to congratulate the rapporteur, Mr Lagendijk, on his report, which is an excellent one. Solving the problem of stable, sustainable and viable governance of Kosovo is of vital importance to the stability of the Western Balkans as a whole. Such a form of government would be unprecedented since the Second World War, indeed since the Paris peace treaty, in terms of the possible changes to frontiers. The European Union has, and will continue to have, a crucial and specific responsibility for being an international presence on the ground in Kosovo, replacing the United Nations. This is the greatest test of the European Union’s common foreign policy, which is currently being rolled out. The solution implemented needs to be fair and well balanced. The international community cannot give preference to one of the parties – the Kosovar Albanians – while punishing the other, namely the Serbs. A just solution must be found. As and when the Security Council determines the final status of Kosovo, consideration will have to be given to the problems posed by the influence of Kosovo’s status on the region as a whole, on the stability of the whole of Central Europe, on conditions within Serbia, and on the installation of a new Serbian government. Mr Lagendijk’s report enjoys Socialist support, and we endorse the Ahtisaari Plan, which is an excellent basis, but it is not the European Union that will decide on Kosovo’s final status; that is a matter for which the Security Council is responsible. We Socialists believe that, once the Security Council has taken its decision, the final status will have to be incorporated into European Parliament documents. Ladies and gentlemen, we Socialists congratulate Mr Lagendijk and ask the House to endorse our proposal that the definition of the final status be postponed."@en1

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