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"Mr President, the Berlin ceremony is over and it was phantasmagorical on the very important achievements of the past 50 years. However, the lights of the ceremony have now been switched off and we find ourselves face to face with the fact that the European citizens are dominated by feelings of indifference, bitterness and, more importantly, anxiety. European citizens are convinced that Europe cannot easily move forward as things stand. It is comforting that Chancellor Mergel understood that the first priority is to create the preconditions for rendering the mechanisms of the institutions of the European Union operational, given that it is obvious that the European Union of the 27 cannot move forwards with the same structures and the same organisation as it had when there were only 15 members. The endeavour is extremely difficult. It is telling that the Berlin declaration signed by the 27 leaders makes no reference to the European Constitution, which is the main issue of concern to us. The creation of a position of President of the Union and of Minister of Foreign Affairs, the reduction in the number of commissioners, the new weighting of votes, the increase in Parliament's responsibilities, the abolition of the three pillars, the strengthening of the institution of reinforced cooperation between the Member States and the acquisition of a legal personality for the European Union are some of the arrangements achieved in the European Constitution which was not voted through. I think that we should integrate them into a new 'Nice II' Treaty and put them into practice before the elections in 2009. Let us forget about grandiose plans. Let us come down to reality. I think that this Europe can move forward with this realistic solution."@en1

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