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"The long-awaited Berlin declaration has come as something of a surprise to the peoples of Europe. Not so much due to what it contains, which the press has dubbed a ‘masterpiece of ambiguity’, but due to the lack of public debate. It speaks volumes that the declaration was signed by only three people, representing the European institutions, rather than by representatives of all twenty-seven Member States. In fact, the declaration does not commit anyone to anything, or smooth out the differences in opinion as regards the role and functioning of the Union. There is no agreement on a common foreign policy, and no outline of a European defence policy. The decisive opposition in some countries to a reference to Europe’s Christian roots places a question mark against any definition of common European values. In the future, and in spite of all these unresolved issues, we should not stray from the path of dialogue and consultation towards blackmailing countries who voice various reservations."@en1

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