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"Chancellor, first and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude for the fact that you have succeeded in leading Europe out of its state of melancholy, its sense of doom and gloom. On 25 March, Europeans not only sang the Ode to Joy, but really felt that joy. What the Berlin Declaration depends on is how it will be implemented. Its place in the history of the European Union depends on what happens next. But it does confirm one important thing, which is that Europe has indeed united, and gives the parties responsible for this unification due credit. However, we should perhaps also add that Europe, as far as East and West are concerned, is only just unifying now. Two different pasts and two different sensibilities must unite. We also need Europe to be strong and integrated. The unification of Europe is our challenge. And the striking view expressed in the Berlin Declaration – that Europe needs to re-discover its foundations – is another challenge. If Europe has to re-define its foundations, then without a treaty giving it a political dimension and allowing it to make effective decisions, Europe will be unable to move ahead. It also seems to me that the assertion that we are united should mean: we are united so that Europe can move ahead."@en1

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