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"Mr President, Madam President of the Council, many thanks to you; Mr Voggenhuber has already presented you with a bouquet on behalf of my group, in which I believe there is nobody who doubts that you deserve it, although we are already wondering what is supposed to happen next, and that, speaking as I do towards the end of the debate, is what I would like to reiterate. We do not in fact believe that the spirit of this Berlin Declaration is compatible with the idea that what is left of the Constitution should ultimately serve only to enable the work of the technocrats and bureaucrats in Brussels to be done a bit more smoothly. We do indeed see this constitutional project as a cause and a project that is meant to make Europe as a whole more democratic, and that is why we believe the catalogue of fundamental rights, to which reference has been made, simply must be part of it. Far from believing that the question of how that objective is to be achieved, and of how the citizens are to be involved in achieving it is a banal one, we believe that we have learned something from the referendums in France and the Netherlands and that it is important that all citizens, as equals in Europe, should be consulted. Consulting one citizen and not another will result in two speeds; that must not be allowed to happen, and believing as we do that clarification of that would be helpful, that is what we would like to see."@en1

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