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"Mr President, Madam Chancellor, would you please confirm that the Presidency is now firmly in favour of improving rather than impoverishing the Constitutional Treaty to ensure its speedy ratification? Will you firmly choose a ‘Constitution plus’ rather than a mini, tiny or even teeny treaty? Will you not tolerate an IGC with the sole purpose of extricating Member States from pledges to promote referendums? Remember the unfulfilled challenges of Laeken. The IGC should not be allowed to pull apart the comprehensive package agreed between the institutions and the Member States. Its focus instead should be on reforming the common policies so that they become more responsive to contemporary concerns and future challenges. And, as regards all those who are asking you to open up the first and second parts, please tell them to be patient. Let us first bring the treaty into force and try things out in practice before returning to tampering afresh with the agreed balance of power. Sometime, the historic first amendment will surely come, but it should not be attempted now."@en1

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