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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, Mrs Merkel is sincerely committed to revitalising Europe; however, I do not agree with the method and material with which she seeks to do so. An attempt is being made to lay aside the social, political and democratic crisis and the significance of the French referendum, and to do so by focusing solely on the intergovernmental method, which has even prevented parliaments – including myself, for example – from being privy to the Berlin Declaration, and on continuing with the old liberalist treaty, perhaps eager to create a minimalist version of it. Problems are not solved by continuing down the same path that created them. On the contrary, we must change text and context and focus on democracy and rights, listening once more to the people and to parliaments, beginning with the European Parliament, in order to rewrite a constitution founded on the right to citizenship, peace, work and the environment and then putting it to a European referendum in which the last word lies with the people."@en1

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