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"Mr President, fifty years ago, the Treaty of Rome was concluded between countries in which the level of social protection was comparable and which, though rich in diverse cultures, also shared in a common civilisation. The principle underlying this treaty was that of Community preference, guaranteeing our producers, and small farmers in particular, prices higher than those on world markets. This treaty has gone completely off the rails; Community preference has given way to an invasion of non-European products; deindustrialisation is costing Europe hundreds of millions of jobs, and agriculture and services have the axe hanging over them. By thoughtlessly opening up its borders, Europe has created unemployment, job insecurity and poverty, difficulties to which no reference is made in the Berlin declaration, which is a monument to cynical self-satisfaction, totally detached from reality and from the peoples, offering this Europe of ours no content, whether worldly or spiritual. As Pope Benedict XVI himself has commented, it even manages to gloss over the Christian roots of Europe; was that what the agreement of a Christian Democrat President of this House and a Christian Democrat President of the Council was needed for? This Union is no longer democratic; the international institution is becoming a superstate, a state rejected by public opinion. Public opinion chased it out through the door, yet you now seek to bring it back in through a window. None of this has anything to do with the real spirit of Europe, and we will not endorse these wayward developments."@en1

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