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"The next item is the follow-up to the Berlin Declaration. Perhaps I might be permitted to say something – briefly – about it. On 17 January, the President of the European Council – whom I warmly welcome in our midst today – came to this House and presented her programme. On 13 February, Madam Federal Chancellor, you were present to hear me set out my programme; today, you are reporting on the Berlin Declaration of 25 March, and so I can say what a joy is to me that you – at a time when your presidency is not even yet halfway through – have come to this House for the third time already. For that, then, let me, on behalf of all this House’s Members, express to you my warmest and sincerest gratitude. The chairmen of the groups will now proceed to give their considered opinions of the Berlin Declaration, and, while I, of course, have no desire to pre-empt them, there is, however, one thing I would like to say, and it is that, when the Berlin Declaration was in preparation, you, Madam Federal Chancellor, and your staff, were constantly available to the President of this House and those authorised to represent him, in order to give as much consideration to our ideas as you could, with 27 governments to preside over, be expected to give. I, myself, have complied strictly with the resolution of the Conference of Presidents – of which I have tended to end up giving detailed interpretations – and have constantly informed, and been in constant consultation with, the responsible members of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, as well as the Bureau and the Conference of Presidents. We will now proceed with the debate, and I extend a very warm welcome not only to the President of the European Council, Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, but also to Mr José Manuel Barroso, the President of the Commission."@en1

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