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". Mr President, Commissioner, I am going to ask some questions in this House on behalf of Mrs Roure, Mr El Khadraoui, Mrs Mastenbroek and Mr Piecyk. I am merely standing in for Mrs Mastenbroek, who could not be here this evening. The Council has adopted Commission Regulation (EC) No 1448/2006 on aviation security, which contains a secret annex with restrictive measures on liquids that passengers are allowed to carry on aircraft in their hand luggage. Can the Commission explain and illustrate, firstly, how the secrecy of the annex can be brought to comply with the democratic principle of publicity of the law? Which sanctions are applied in the case of refusal to follow or of breach of the rules? How it is intended to avoid arbitrariness in the practical implementation of a secret rule and its exceptions? Secondly, does this text provide for the passengers’ right for information and right of appeal? How can airline passengers contest decisions and sanctions taken on the basis of the new hand luggage rules on the spot or at a later stage and look for legal remedy? Thirdly, what is the justification for these measures? Did the Commission carry out an evaluation of the information and evidence presented by the United Kingdom’s secret services upon requesting these restrictions? Was specialised expertise gathered before the decision was made? Are the measures based on proper risk assessment and will they yield an appropriate reduction of security risks? Will they be evaluated after implementation? Fourthly, have these measures been subject to an impact assessment on fundamental rights? Have they been deemed compatible with citizens’ rights, the free movement of persons and goods? On what grounds are these measures to be considered proportionate and necessary in a democratic society in compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights? Have these measures been subject to an impact assessment on consumer rights and the practical impact on airport operations and passenger flows? Was there any prior assessment of the extra costs consumers and airports will face after the implementation of the new rules? Fifthly, the aviation security implementing rules are developed by the Aviation Security Regulatory Committee, established by Commission Regulation (EC) No 2320/2002. This committee only gets external advice from the stakeholder advisory group on aviation security. It is an informal body of aviation industry stakeholders. Would the Commission agree that this body needs to be formalised as requested by Parliament during the first reading of the ongoing revision of Regulation (EC) No 2320/2002? Would the Commission accept the idea that this committee also needs systematically to take into account appropriate expertise on civil rights and consumer interests? Last but not least, if I may add one personal question, Commissioner: what happened to my almost-new shaving gel that was confiscated at Brussels Zaventem Airport?"@en1

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