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"Mr President, the process of assessing Turkey’s compliance with the EU’s accession criteria involves frequent evaluation of the progress that has been made, not least on human rights. In this context, Mrs Bozkurt’s excellent report places great emphasis on how the situation of women in Turkey is evolving, for which the rapporteur deserves commendation. I should like to highlight a few of the report’s recommendations: incentives for the social partners to promote the involvement of women in social dialogue, calling on the Turkish authorities to establish a monitoring system to keep girls in the education system, a quota system operational in various countries – from the Iberian Peninsula to Scandinavia – to guarantee fair representation for women on electoral lists, instructions for judges to deliver severe sentences for ‘honour crimes’ and forced marriages, a campaign to promote the image of women as players driving economic and social development, and the inclusion of the social partners and some NGOs in the Advisory Board on the Status of Women. Mrs Bozkurt's report is thus an excellent contribution to progress in assessing the situation of women in Turkey. Ladies and gentlemen, I must take this opportunity to tell you that there can be progress on the situation of women throughout Europe. Yesterday in Portugal, the Portuguese people voted in a referendum to decriminalise the voluntary termination of pregnancy. This was a great day for Portugal, and an absolutely marvellous day for women."@en1

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