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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, apart from being clear, this report by my fellow Member, Mrs Bozkurt, has the great virtue of summarising the sad reality of women’s rights in Turkey. Indeed, despite all the declarations of intent from the Turkish authorities and the pseudo-reforms undertaken in the area of human rights, the reality is that domestic violence, honour crimes and forced marriages keep increasing, and that discrimination against women in the workplace and in education still goes on. However, this finding should not make us forget that, while it is true that these violations of women’s rights are incompatible with the concept of human rights, as they are laid down, for example, in the Charter of Fundamental Rights, the fact remains that Turkey is not European and that its future should not lie in the European Union. Indeed, even when it turns out that all the economic, legal and social criteria laid down at the Copenhagen Summit have been met, Turkey, 99% of whose population is made up of Muslims and 94% of whose territory is located in Asia, will still not share our values, which bear the stamp of Christianity and humanism. Turkey is a beautiful country, a great country, with a courageous, proud and hospitable people. We should, of course, preserve the privileged relations that we already maintain with Turkey as part of the customs Union, but Turkey cannot and must not under any circumstances join the European Union."@en1

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