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"It is extremely important for Turkey’s system of democratic institutions to be further strengthened, achieving those reforms which promote European integration. A report of the European Parliament at the end of last year noted the slowing down of the reform process, and gave special emphasis to the fact that there is insufficient progress in guaranteeing women’s rights. It is unacceptable that Turkish women suffer discrimination in nearly every area of life: in the labour market, in decision-making and in education, and that they experience considerable disadvantages in comparison with their male counterparts. Rights guaranteed by law are of no use if their implementation in practice is not ensured. The political will of the Turkish Government can best ensure implementation of these rights. For this to happen, a social dialogue is necessary, involving organisations of civil society. Information campaigns would be the most effective way of drawing society’s attention to guaranteeing the rights of women. The continued violence against women is shocking, and is unacceptable in a country which seeks to adopt the basic principles of European integration. It is the task of the Turkish Government to find suitable instruments for solving this shameful problem and for gradually phasing it out. To this end, the European Union can offer help by sharing the experiences of its programmes and best practices. I am hopeful that Turkey is willing to accept a helping hand, and will truly take action to tackle this problem. I thank my fellow Member Mrs Bozkurt for her work, for the report is excellent and I recommend its adoption."@en1

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