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". Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I should like to thank Mr Frattini very much for the highly practical proposals that he has put forward this evening. There is no doubt that Europe is seeing a worrying and exponential growth in cases of violence, bullying and violence among children, and television and the Internet are undeniably affecting the way our children behave, as is the spread of violent videogames, which are becoming increasingly common and increasingly brutal. I shall just give you one example: there is a very recent videogame called which is a really serious problem in that the main characters in the game are children, and many of the images are on the borderline of sexual perversion and sadism. We therefore warmly welcome the current debate, even though – as the President has mentioned – it has been tucked away in an evening slot and has very few participants. That is a real shame. Even so, we expect some sort of action to be taken in this matter, and certainly not through censorship, as Commissioner Reding has already said. We support your initiative, Mr Frattini, of sending a letter to the EU Home Affairs Ministers asking them to carry out a careful check on the controls that exist regarding videogame violence. After what Mrs Reding said, we hope that the PEGI (Pan-European Game Information) system will really become a body able to exercise more effective control. To conclude, we strongly call for practical measures to be developed to control and prohibit the distribution of violent videogames and to set up a kind of European monitoring centre for childhood and young people, not least so as to carry out preventive monitoring of game and videogame content and, if possible, to draw up a single code for the marketing and distribution of videogames for children."@en1
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