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". Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted to present to you today the amendment to the regulation on double-hull oil tankers. This proposal is designed to bring the regulation into line with the political statement made at the International Maritime Organisation in December 2003 by the Presidency of the European Union on behalf of the Member States and of the European Commission. This statement was extremely clear. It was designed to indicate to all the parties signatory to the MARPOL Convention that no EU Member State would authorise oil tankers flying its flag to make use of one of the exemptions laid down by the Convention, namely that relating to the use of single-hull vessels to carry oil. With regard to the ban on carrying heavy grades of oil in single-hull vessels, the current regulation only applies to vessels entering waters under Community jurisdiction. This means that a Member State may in theory, and contrary to the public commitment of 2003, authorise the carriage of heavy grades of oil in single-hull oil tankers flying its flag – that is to say, one of the European flags – as long as these vessels are operating outside Community waters. This situation, honourable Members, is unacceptable. It is easy to imagine the consequences, in a third country, of an oil slick caused by an oil tanker flying a Community flag, and this at a time when Europe, for its part, protects itself against such eventualities. I would add that almost all the Member States have already formally informed the International Maritime Organisation that they would not make use of this option. Our political commitments to our partners in the interests of maritime safety need to be given practical form and guaranteed legally. That is the purpose of this proposal. I should like to thank Mr Le Rachinel and the Committee on Transport and Tourism for having supported it."@en1

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