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"The June List rejects the Commission’s proposal. The Council dealt with this matter in November, prior to first reading in the European Parliament now, in December. A compromise was agreed on, but this compromise was not supported by seven countries, including Sweden. Sweden – and the June List – question what is known as the country of origin principle, according to which a television company has to follow the regulations in place in the country from which it broadcasts, irrespective of where its programmes are viewed, because this leads to problems when, for example, TV 3 and Kanal 5 broadcast from the United Kingdom where they are covered by British, rather than Swedish, legislation. Sweden has been fighting in the Council for the right of the receiving country to take measures against TV companies that broadcast from a different EU country in order to deliberately circumvent national rules. The Committee on Culture and Education has tabled an amendment relating to cases where a media service provider has established itself in the Member State having jurisdiction ‘in order to avoid the stricter rules in the fields’ coordinated by the directive. We would, however, have liked to have seen the matter discussed further in order to have achieved a stronger form of words. Sweden and the June List believe that both advertising aimed at children and that relating to alcohol should be completely prohibited. We have attempted, as far as possible, to vote to improve the directive in accordance with the guidelines above."@en1

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