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"Mr President, I certainly welcome the suppression of the terminology of ‘absorption capacity’, which sounds like a kitchen towel, and of ‘privileged partnership’, which is a faintly patronising concept, without, frankly, much privilege to it. But we must seek now to develop the neighbourhood policy quickly and creatively so as to create upon the eastern frontier stable circumstances for states that cannot join the Union and for those that decide that they do not want to do so. As we approach the renegotiation of the Treaty, it would be sensible to include inside part III a chapter describing the enlargement policy, transcribing the Copenhagen criteria and describing far more clearly than at present the accession process and threshold. Consideration should be added, as we renegotiate part III, to the creation of a fresh class of associate membership. Such an improvement would serve to reassure public opinion about the quality of our accession process and about the pace of expansion of Europe’s post-national society. It would also be of great use to third countries as they reflect upon their future relationship with the Union."@en1

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