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"Mr President, since the BSE crisis and the dioxin scandals, farmers and consumers have, now more than ever, been in need of reliable information about the origin and content of cattle feed. Clear rules in this respect are lacking. Effective prevention of outbreaks of animal diseases requires maximum transparency and this interest must prevail over that of industry that refuses to reveal the content of cattle feed. Since a compromise is well within reach, I am imploring the Commission to come up with a fresh proposal in 2007. The designation of all ingredients must be compulsory, but the percentages are only essential for the substances that determine the name of the product. Exact percentages need not always be displayed. The rules for cattle feed should really not be any stricter than those for human food, but the information must be displayed on the products themselves for the benefit of the users, the farmers and consumers and not kept quiet until something goes wrong, for by then it is too late. The Commission proposal should bring clarity to the area of ingredients. A transparent market is needed; farmers and consumers are entitled to this, as is the cattle feed industry. Unfortunately, the Conservatives and Liberals in this House have, in their amendments, been led too much by industry. The EU will need to make tracks in deciding in favour of rules that are in the interest of the consumer and farmer. No unnecessary delays; every farmer wants to know the exact content of their animal feed. Prevention of a new crisis requires maximum transparency that must be achieved in 2007."@en1

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