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"Mr President, 2007 will be the key year for us all to find our own way to escape from the constitutional crisis and I am very pleased to hear from President Barroso that he plans for the Commission to play a central part in that exercise. The Commission strategy for change across the policy spectrum must be framed inside a constitutional context. Policy reform will be given practical effect by its connection with the issues of the EU’s competences, the instruments, the powers and procedures. As far as external affairs are concerned, for example, the Union needs its legal personality. Public opinion supports the EU as a global actor. We need success on completing the Doha Round for trade and development. We should be stalwart in persevering with enlargement, despite the problems that we experience at present, some of which at least are clearly foreseen and foreseeable. The Commission and Parliament must be steadfast to support the deployment of so many European forces, not least at present in South Lebanon, as this exercise surely provides the greatest test for the development of our common foreign security and defence policy."@en1

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