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"Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to re-emphasise that the programme being discussed provides citizens with more favourable opportunities for on-going training and becoming active participants of the knowledge-based society. I think that the initial version we have returned to of the document proposed by the European Commission will enable us to more smoothly implement a programme integrating all the initiatives that are now operational in the area of education. A unified system will ensure clarity and, most importantly, the possibility of avoiding redundancy in certain areas. Those states that are able to participate in lifelong learning programmes have experienced obvious benefits from this European Union initiative. For example, the or programmes are well known to the Lithuanian people, indicating that European Union initiatives in the area of education are being implemented quite effectively. I hope you will support my contention that the lifelong learning programme is of vital importance, both for promoting competition and entrepreneurship and in building a shared sense of European citizenship based on the values of the European Union, such as mutual understanding and respect for human rights and democracy."@en1
"Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci"1
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