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"The only definite date is 1 January 2007 for Slovenia, although it is the case that, in June, the European Council supported the Commission’s proposal and the Ecofin Council confirmed that Lithuania complies with almost all of the conditions for joining the euro zone. I said in my reply that Cyprus and Malta want to be members of the euro zone from 1 January 2008, but the analysis and assessment of compliance with the criteria has yet to be made. I also said in my reply that Slovakia wants to be a member of the euro zone from 1 January 2009, and at the appropriate time we will have to assess whether or not it meets the conditions. In our next convergence report, which will be adopted by the Commission and presented to this Parliament in December, we shall assess the extent to which, at this precise moment, the derogation countries comply with the conditions. Nevertheless, the Member State in question must comply with the conditions prior to the date on which it wishes to join the euro zone. The Lithuanian authorities had a target date and they must now set a new date. When I visited Lithuania in September, that date had not been decided upon. As far as I know, they have not set a date since my visit. I have insisted to the Lithuanian authorities, and to the authorities of other States in a similar position, that they have the strategy before the date, because, without a strategy, the dates decided upon will have to be modified over time, since the decision on the date, in itself, is not sufficient to satisfy the criteria that are going to be required."@en1

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