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"I do not accept that point of view, because I believe that we have a clear obligation, for objective reasons and because it was in the original Doha mandate, to bring about a negotiated and agreed restructuring of agricultural trade. We are obliged to do that because reform of agriculture has lagged behind the progressive changes that have swept through the rest of the international trading system, with that benign and beneficial impact on industrial tariffs. But in the case of agriculture you have, exceptionally, a system of agricultural support and in some cases export subsidies which has been very trade-distorting. As a result of our reforms in Europe we are curing ourselves of the trade-distorting impact of our agricultural support mechanisms. That is not the case, notably, in the United States. I believe it is important that we do not say goodbye to this round without exhausting every possibility of bringing about the progressive reform in agricultural support and trade that will be of great benefit to developing countries."@en1

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