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"I think the honourable Member has now volunteered to return to this Chamber and take part in our debate, at about midnight or some time after midnight, on the Muscardini report of this Parliament, which concerns trade defence instruments. I certainly look forward to seeing him early tomorrow morning during the course of that debate. Unfortunately he is not on the list, so he will no doubt want to be there to listen and follow the debate so that he can take the issues forward in other ways. My short answer to his question is that our job in the Commission is to uphold the rules, whether they be the rules of the WTO or our own EU laws. We should do so objectively, transparently; but, as I have said on previous occasions, it is my strong view that those of us who believe in free trade should, wherever necessary, stand up for fair trade; and that approach will be reflected in the Green Paper which will review the use of trade defence instruments in the Community and which will be published in the next few months. I look forward to engaging with him and hearing his views and contribution to the debate surrounding that Green Paper."@en1

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