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"That is an intriguing question, one which certainly goes far wider than, and indeed probably almost entirely steps outside, the scope of the original question put to me. Nonetheless it is fascinating. I believe that the best way of improving, strengthening, deepening, making more satisfactory the energy demand and supply relationship between Europe and Russia is, first of all, to press Russia to adopt other, more transparent policies of free transit that are governed by global trade rules. I see no reason why energy goods should not be subject to global trade rules like any other good. But I also believe that the best way to strengthen the energy relationship between Russia and the EU is by anchoring that energy relationship in a wider set of trade negotiations and agreements, the object of which would be to bring about integration of the Russian and European economies governed by fair and transparent market rules and agreed norms and standards. It is in that context that I look forward to pursuing this subject as part of the wider trade negotiations that I hope will open up following Russia’s accession to the WTO."@en1

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