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"We talk to all elements of civil society in Iran. It is difficult for the honourable Member on the one hand to ask us to make representations; to make a case to the Iranian authorities; to make a stand for human rights and against this abhorrent practice; and, at the same time, to criticise us for engaging in a dialogue. If you do not have a dialogue, then it is harder, if not impossible, to communicate your view. In my view, the European approach is right. In close collaboration with EU embassies in Tehran, the Commission monitors the situation on the ground very closely, in particular as far as the death penalty is concerned. Whenever it learns of a death sentence passed on juveniles or on women at risk of stoning, the EU undertakes immediate démarches with the judiciary and other competent authorities. So the EU is not relying on dialogue alone. It makes its views very directly and clearly known whenever such a case arises, and will continue to do so."@en1

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