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". Mr President, the Commission currently receives fewer complaints about overbooking than before the compensation levels were raised by Regulation (EC) No 261/2004. At the present time, only 8% of the complaints received by the Commission concerning air passengers’ rights relate to instances of overbooking or denied boarding, while 60% refer to delays or cancellations. This trend is due, among other things, to the development of low-cost carriers and to the increasingly frequent use of charter companies, which do not tend to integrate overbooking into their working methods. Since this regulation entered into force, the airlines have demonstrated more flexibility in looking for volunteers who will agree to give up their seats in return for certain agreed benefits. This practice encourages the airlines to resolve the problem there and then. That being said, I should like to point out to Mr Evans that, in accordance with Article 17 of the regulation, the Commission is going to present a report on the functioning and application of this regulation to Parliament and the Council at the start of 2007. This communication will be based on a study carried out by an external consultant. An invitation to tender has been published for the purposes of recruiting this external consultant. Overbooking is one of the items that will be dealt with in this study, and the Commission will obviously wait to learn the results of the study before it decides whether or not there are grounds to adapt the legislation. The fact is, Mr Evans, while these new regulations have indeed had a noticeable effect on passengers’ rights, it is the decline in overbooking that has become, in certain cases – it must be said – a trend that is very detrimental to passengers."@en1

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