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"Mr President, first of all, the June List believes that the European Union’s common agricultural policy needs to be scrapped. As I have pointed out on so many occasions in this House, EU agricultural policy is reprehensible because the money is given to the wrong recipients, and often to recipients who are very rich. What is more, it denies the world’s poor countries an honest opportunity to sell their agricultural produce on the EU market because we subsidise non-competitive agriculture. Secondly, the June List believes that structural policy should be returned to the national competence. The EU resources that come back to Sweden come with a very large number of conditions attached and are in most cases not adapted to Swedish needs. Next year, Sweden's contribution to the EU budget will rise to a good EUR 3 billion. We shall get back approximately EUR 1 billion. Thirdly, then, the June List believes that Sweden’s membership fee should be halved in the light of how distorting and unjust the EU’s agricultural and trade policy is."@en1

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