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"On the liabilities side, the draft budget of the European Union submitted by the European Council is fully consistent with the ratio parameters of the approved long-term financial perspective for 2007 – 2013. Appropriations for competitiveness and cohesion have increased significantly in the area of growth and employment as well as in the area of freedom, security, justice, civil society and the status of the European Union as a global partner. In compliance with the financial perspective, the share of spending on direct payments in agriculture has decreased; by contrast, the share of spending on rural development has grown. Unfortunately, as a result of the Council’s efforts to significantly reduce the overall volume of funding, the positive trend in respect of payments has to a large extent dwindled away. The Council’s reservations concerning the beneficiaries’ ability to draw down budgeted expenses have had some negative implications. As the Council holds the key to the successful use of funds, I see this as the Council’s reservations towards itself. However, Parliament’s conviction that the available funds will be used well and efficiently exceeds the Council’s expectations. Therefore, I will vote in favour of those amendments that bring payment parameters more in line with the long-term financial perspective."@en1

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