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"Mr President, Mrs Wideroos, Mrs Grybauskaitė, ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, I want first of all to say a well-deserved thank you to the general rapporteur, our fellow Member and friend Mr Elles, as well as to the Committee on Budgets as a whole, for the way in which it has taken account of the priorities of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs. Among these priorities, there are two that obviously deserved a very special effort when it came to the budget. The first priority was better control of the EU’s external borders, which are now subject to permanent and considerable migratory pressures, with the whole of the southern border under particular pressure. Anyone who needs convincing of this need only watch television and read the newspapers every day. In this connection, it was essential to strengthen the operational resources of the FRONTEX Agency, which we established for the purposes of external border control. Happily, the Agency’s resources were, indeed, strengthened, with the support, in particular, of our general rapporteur and Spanish fellow Members who helped us correct – I do not know, Mrs Wideroos, whether to use the word ‘stupidity’ or ‘incoherence’; I shall opt for ‘stupidity’ – the stupidity of the Council, which had, for its part, reduced the resources of the FRONTEX Agency in spite of current circumstances. We had a second priority, this too recognised by the whole of Parliament and enthusiastically supported by Europeans, if all the available polls are to be believed, which was to increase the resources earmarked for the fight against terrorism and organised crime which, as you well know, make a mockery of the EU’s internal borders. On this subject too, our message has been heard by the Committee on Budgets which has, in particular, increased the resources set aside for Eurojust. These too had been reduced in the Council’s draft budget. Mrs Wideroos, I shall leave it to you to choose a suitable adverb to characterise this reduction. I make no bones about the fact that, where the ‘freedom, security and justice’ sector is concerned, the Council is equal neither to what is at stake nor to Europeans’ expectations, and our Parliament will be able to take pride in using its vote to correct the inconsistencies in the position of the Council, whose members delight in making all the right noises but balk at acting together to confront serious problems they have in common. It is a terrible shame."@en1

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