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". Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I, too, believe in principle that we should go after value for money, for the effective and economic use of funds is what matters. On the other hand, though – and this is where we have different ends in mind – Europe needs money if we are to be able to enthuse people and move the European project forward, which is what we want to do, and that will not be possible unless proper funding is made available. Let me remind the House of this morning’s debates on the culture programme and on Europe’s culture policy, and of the debates we are going to have this evening on lifelong learning, on youth policy over the coming years and on ‘Europe for the Citizens’. This morning, it was lamented – as it will be this evening too – that we do not spend enough money in this field, in an area that really does have an impact on people, on Europe’s citizens, and builds a link between them and Europe. We share together the great problem of how we get people not only to accept Europe, but also to be enthusiastic about it, and that is why, far from cutting back on these programmes, we should be investing more in Europe’s future. That is also why the Committee on Culture and Education has been highly consistent in rejecting the cuts the Council wanted to make to these programmes."@en1

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