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"Mr President, Commissioner, Madam President-in-Office of the Council, in the financial perspective, the amount for the trans-European networks – the 30 top-priority transport projects – has been cut back to a third of the amount that the Commission originally found necessary. We still do not have the legal basis for the funding in order. Nor do we know how the reduced amount is to be distributed over the next few years. We have therefore chosen to put the whole of the amount for 2007 – almost EUR 800 million - into reserves until everything has been clarified. We cannot, of course, make use of the first year’s budget without having a clear idea of what is to happen over the next few years. You do not build half a bridge. It is a question of ‘either/or’. In the case of the three agencies for maritime, aviation and railway safety, we want to see the Commission’s figures reinstated in the budget. These are new agencies in the course of being set up, and they need space in which to work. Last but not least, I would draw attention to the pilot project for safe lay-bys along European motorways. With more stringent rules governing drivers’ rest and driving periods, it is important for European drivers to have proper and safe conditions in which to rest."@en1

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