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"I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate the June List’s rejection at first reading in September 2005. The question we should ask ourselves is as follows: should the EU be dealing with political issues of this nature or do they fall within the area of competence of the Member States? The June List’s answer is clear: this is a matter for the Member States. If the Member States wish to pour extra resources into promoting their national film industries, they are obviously entirely in their rights so to do. The EU, on the other hand, should not be running special programmes to promote the European film industry. If a large number of EU countries believe it necessary to cooperate within this policy area, they can do so without the interference of the EU. Intergovernmental agreements or cooperation between film companies can take place outside the framework of the EU. The EU does not need further sweeping and expensive projects. The EU should instead strive for targeted cooperation on significant and truly cross-border issues."@en1

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