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"Mr President, if you watch television in any country of the European Union and do not see the news, you think that you are in the United States. The American culture reigns; that repulsive culture with violence, crime, rape and so on which enters our homes so easily. We need to protect the European family from this culture, which does not suit us. Clearly, therefore, we need to strengthen European cinema; we need to strengthen the culture and civilisation of this continent, but I greatly fear that the means introduced in the report are powerless. Television is 'nitro-glycerine' in the hands of the person controlling it. It provides the food that person wants. I would refer to Euro News, which we fund, which a short while ago called all the Italians mafia for something to do with football. Euro News comes along and makes its own policy, saying 'Macedonia', unlike the European Union, which calls this country FYROM. The point, therefore, is that we need to give financial support and, at the same time, control where our money is going and how some of it is being spent. This is an important matter, if we want to be successful on a vital issue, because it is opinion-forming. Of course, the history of the Member States can also be strengthened, if you want. I do not know the history of Poland, just as Poland does not know the history of Greece. We are now one family. We should know where everyone comes from. Who we are and where we want to go. So this needs to be funded and I hope that such provision is made, but of course it needs daring and not the method with which we are approaching things today."@en1

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