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"Mr President, Commissioner, today is a particularly important day for the Committee on Culture and Education, with the reports by my honourable friends Mrs Hieronymi, Mr Graça Moura, Mrs Gröner, Mrs Pack and Mr Takkula on the multiannual programmes for the audiovisual sector, culture, youth, education and European nationality tabled for final approval by plenary. The members of our committee merit congratulations. Despite the delay in approving the programmes, which was due to difficulties in reaching agreement on the financial perspective, we believe that the resources which will be made available, even though inadequate, will allow these programmes to continue to offer their benefits. In particular, the MEDIA programme may play an important role in improving the competitiveness of the European cinema industry, by giving financial support to the development of audiovisual works, the training of professionals in the sector and the strengthening of the distribution and circulation of European works. We also need to highlight here the efforts made by Mrs Reding. The development and promotion of European films is of decisive importance to the maintenance of cultural diversity and economic development and employment. Unfortunately, the great wealth of the linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe is also the cause of an even greater structural problem on the audiovisual market. I refer to the extensive fragmentation of the national markets, which does not allow the European cinema industry to acquire a larger share of the European and global market. MEDIA 2007 needs to help combat the lack of cross-border circulation of European works."@en1

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