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". Mr President, my group is pleased to offer its strong support for this important reform, which is a further signal that Parliament is making great progress with its constitutional development. I would like to add thanks to all the main contributors to the complex negotiations. The Regulatory Committee has proved to be the most troublesome aspect of comitology and way beyond the effective scrutiny of Parliament. The present package has three consequences for Parliament. First, it puts it on an equal footing with the Council. Second, it should encourage Parliament to trust the Commission more to exercise and make prudent use of the executive authority that properly belongs to it. Parliament can surrender some of its preoccupations with minutiae, opening up opportunities for it to focus on politics rather than the technical aspects. Finally, the change will force Parliament to sharpen up and upgrade the way the committees sift and scrutinise the product of comitology. We need to be fully prepared to shoulder our greater responsibilities with skill and care."@en1

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