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"Mr President, we are talking about the period of reflection and debate on the future of Europe, but given what we are discussing this morning, I believe that this a debate on the present of the European Union. The future and the present become fused, particularly because it is essential to implement a Constitution in order to resolve the problems facing us today. In that regard, I believe that it is essential that the Commission take account of the point in our resolution calling upon it to produce a report on the cost of not having a Constitution. That is essential. I would ask for even more: for the Commission to commit itself, Mr Barroso, to present that report to this House and to the Council immediately after the summer, in September or October, so that we can hold a debate with the citizens specifically about how, with the Constitution not in force, we can resolve issues such as illegal immigration, which has been discussed here. We must continue with the process of ratification and eventually find a solution that can unblock it, but on the basis of this text, which is a good text: it is a text based on a consensus. I believe that that is the objective of the European Parliament’s resolution. I have just one request for you, Mr Barroso: I have been happy to applaud you today; I can tell you quite honestly that this is the first time I have done so. If you express the same arguments outside of this House, I shall continue to do so."@en1

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