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". Mr President, I should like to congratulate Mr Buzek on the hard work he has put in over a long period of time, and, of course, the committee as well. The Seventh Framework Programme is an enormous step forward for science in the European Union, with a vastly increased budget. For bio-economy, as it is termed in the report, or agronomic research to you and me, this represents a much bigger step, because this research will from now on be dealt with under a separate heading, which is essential for all agronomic research. This is an enormous improvement. This is just as well in view of the rapid change that agriculture is undergoing, not only technologically, from food to food combined with bio-energy and the replacement of fossil fuels and plastics, but also in terms of organisational structures. Room is needed for that type of research too, and that room is now being created. I have one negative comment to make. One amendment that was tabled by the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, and that was approved, insists on us sharing our expertise with the world’s poor countries where agriculture is so important. I should like to have the Commission’s word that this will actually be done, including in the Seventh Framework Programme. This expertise must be shared, because only then will the Framework Programme help fulfil the EU’s function in the world, namely that of social and sustainable globalisation."@en1

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