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"We have abstained from voting on the report on the situation of women in armed conflicts. We are, of course, just as troubled as the rapporteur by the horrors of war and by the human suffering caused by war and terrorism. However, the basis of the report is such as to give rise to some peculiar lines of argument in which the suffering of men as one group and women as another, as well as levels of blame and responsibility, are graded so as to fit in with demands that quotas be allocated to women in various contexts. Efforts to prevent conflicts and to put a stop to terrorism must be aimed precisely at doing just that, and the best methods for achieving those aims need to be used. The many proposals in the report, legitimate though they may be, are in danger of shifting the focus from the aims of peace work to the forms it should take. The allocation of quotas for women in peace-keeping and peace-making bodies and in peace negotiations is in danger of getting in the way of the goal of preventing suffering."@en1

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