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". The adoption of the euro currency should be based on determined criteria. The time for a country to satisfy the accession criteria and the convergence period should be set. The length of time that a country spends in the ERM II mechanism needs to be determined. A convergence rate also needs to be established. The adoption of the euro should facilitate the convergence of countries' economies. The majority of these economies are linked to the economies of the other countries of the European Union. The advantages of accession are: transparency in cross-border prices; an increase in competitivity for the benefit of the consumer; the abolition of transaction costs; and no risk in exchange. The European Union must make sure that the criteria used in order for a country to join the euro zone are the same for all, and that the assessment of the criteria is transparent. We must be wary of falling into the trap of using the issue of entry in the euro zone as a means to fight other battles which are completely irrelevant. Entry in the euro zone should be based on the Maastricht criteria, and should have no other implications. We need to ensure that the decisions we take here regarding certain countries do not contribute to strengthening those eurosceptics who are using the decisions of the European Union as a means to undermine its achievements."@en1

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