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". A free trade area is an area without barriers, customs barriers in particular. It is a common market, almost like that of Europe. The transatlantic free trade area, therefore, is a common market from Warsaw to San Francisco, from Helsinki to Patagonia and from Malta to the Canadian Great North. While European public opinion imagines that the political debate is about the future of the European Constitution, the reality is quite simply, from 2010 to 2015, that is to say in five years, the building of a political and economic body made up of 45 nations out of the 193 that there are in the world. On the quiet, Mrs Mann’s report signals a transition from European integration to a political integration comprising one quarter of the world. This would mean a Parliament of 45 nations, a common trade tribunal and the beginnings of a common legislation. After 90 years Paul Valéry’s prediction that ‘Europe aspires to be run by an American committee’ is coming true. Farewell Europe, hello World! Mrs Mann has made a double announcement: the death of the European idea and the birth of a world organisation."@en1

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