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". Mrs Mann’s report is very critical of United States’ policy which, for her taste, is too concerned with national interests. I respect, although I do not share this opinion, but I would like to see a similar degree of demands and indignation when this Parliament debates Europe’s relations with countries where concentration and forced labour camps are still in existence. Coming back to the core of the matter, I would have no objection to strengthening economic cooperation between the United States and the countries of Europe, if that were mutually beneficial for both parties. On the other hand, it is no use, for the sake of this, creating a ‘barrier-free transatlantic marketplace’, a real internal market on the European model, with its share of legislative and regulatory harmonisations, and with the potential of extension throughout the whole of the American continent. We are no longer talking about a free trade area, but, well and truly, total economic integration. Before political integration? This report is symptomatic of a Europe that refuses to impose respect for the interests of Member States while seeking to integrate them, merge them and make them disappear into a vast global mass. We can only reject it."@en1

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